Commercial Security

Commercial Security

We are all aware that security is a serious matter especially if you have a business. This must be implemented with the highest attention to detail to ensure safety in the workplace.

commercial security basics

In this manner, commercial security is the most applicable way to tighten up security measures. You can actually consider several systems under commercial security.

Here in Calgary, a lot of businesses possess great commercial security systems. This is crucial for round-the-clock monitoring and security. As a matter of fact, incidents of crime are more abundant in commercial spaces compared to residential ones.

It is not only because of the increasing numbers of criminal accidents why we should put extra security measures. There are also other factors concerned such as access controls and life safety due to calamities such as earthquakes and the onset of fire.

So it is important to have an overview of the subjects that are related to commercial security:

  • Safety precautions on commercial buildings
  • How to use equipment properly
  • Different technologies
  • Smart features

Benefits of Commercial Security

Incidents of crime are very rampant nowadays. Even the safer parts of the world experience such incidents but at lower rates. This is the primary goal of commercial security.

Bad elements will be more confident to intrude if there are no security measures done. With alarms and cameras all over the place, attempts of intrusions will be lowered significantly.

A surveillance camera system that runs non-stop would be a great option. It will reduce the need for human intervention thus saving you money from salaries.

Some examples of surveillance systems that run continuously are the following:

  • Fire alarms
  • Communication systems
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Life safety devices
  • Access control systems
  • Surveillance monitors

These systems play a vital role in the strategy against intruders and calamities. They can also help investigators to solve a case that happened within the premises of your property.

Best Examples

Theft Alarm Systems

They are integrated on the premises of the building to detect unauthorized access to the different areas of the building. They can be used for monitoring as well as for fire and life safety.

These systems are mostly composed of control keys, monitors, sensors, and the alarm system itself. In this way, responders can be contacted in case of emergency and provide signals that something is going on in the vicinity.

Fire and Life Alarms

This is the most common security device that you can find in a commercial space. They can spark a sound that will cause the people inside the commercial space to vacate or be ready as there is a fire or life-threatening situation.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are often partnered with video surveillance to monitor suspicious people or activity in a commercial property. They can be integrated all over the place without being noticed. The footage from these devices can be used as a piece of evidence and help the authorities to solve a certain case.

Temperature Checkers

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, temperature checkers are very important. The most common temperature checkers used is the thermal scanner and thermal imaging.

Intercom Systems

They are integrated on the property to add another layer of protection not only to the property but to the employees and assets as well. Unauthorized people can be detected with the use of this system through contactless communication.

Password-Protected Systems

These systems can be in the form of swiping, tapping, or inserting card devices. A unique code is integrated on the card’s chip to give access to the right people in a property. The other form of this system is the use of fingerprints and passwords that are typed in a device on the property’s entrance.


We would not want to put the lives of people inside our respective property in jeopardy. So it is important we are complete with commercial systems to help us maintain the orderliness and safety of the whole vicinity. In this way, we value the people who do business with us by assuring them that it is completely safe inside your property.