Home Automation vs Home Security

Home Automation vs Home Security

Home automation is one of those concepts that focuses more on the idea of convenience on the part of the homeowner, rather than that of home security.

Home automation technology at its current state does give you an unprecedented level of control over how your home operates while you are away from it.

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To integrate this with the idea of home security, this means that you are able to monitor your home from the convenience of your smartphone. More importantly, ensure that only the authorized people have access to your home.

How would this work?

Say, if your children arrive from school at a certain time, you would be able to automate your doors to ensure that they open for your children at a certain time, and would remain locked for the duration before your children arrive.

These are just the simplest ideas however, as home automation of home security measures can expand. This includes automation of your surveillance cameras, your sensors and smoke detectors, as well as all alarm systems that form part of your home security system.

Contemporary types of home automation require the use of a smartphone to allow you to interact with the home automation system.

What’s Next?

From here, all it takes is a certain amount of ingenuity to customize how you want your security system to be automated. Although if the idea confuses you altogether, you may want to seek professional input. This will ensure that you do obtain the results that you want.

Time is at your hands, and not in the mystical way. Home automation of home security allows you to determine the intervals which allow your home security peripherals to function.

This way, once you leave your home for work, you would be able to secure your home with a few quick taps on your smartphone, and likewise, be alerted of any unusual occurrences that triggered your security system.


With the use of time-sensitive automation however, you would have to be precise with your timing, as well as those who may be affected by it. You never know when you may have locked out a cleaning crew or a dog walker who could be late by a few seconds.

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