Is it worth it to invest money in home automation?

Is it worth it to invest money in home automation?

Modern technological advances have allowed us to control our homes to a certain degree. While certainly not reminiscent of the space-age futurism once evoked in 1970’s nostalgia. There are certainly no robot servants in the offing.

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What is present in the idea of home automation is the afforded sense of convenience and added security. This is with regards to how you would like your home to function whilst you are away from it. It might be at work or on vacation.

A read-through of earlier versions of home automation requires the strategic use of timers that are hooked up to various types of machinery. This will ensure that everything goes on like clockwork.

What more can an automation system do?

In its most rudimentary state, home automation would allow you to switch on lights, allow certain appliances to switch on or switch off. This triggers certain items such as sprinklers to water your lawn.

While in this rudimentary state, this type of home automation is reliant on an elaborate system of timers to be able to perform the tasks at a preset time interval. Given the complexity of it, can completely confuse the novice user.

While these options are still available as a DIY option where you can easily install the use of timers, these are recommended for simpler functions such as switching lights on or off, or even running your sprinkler.

More elaborate home automation systems allow you to control certain aspects of your home through the use of your smartphone. Futuristic? Not yet, but we are certainly on our way there as we now have an unprecedented level of control over the idea of home automation with the introduction of smart homes.

Traditional models of home automation usually control only lights and sprinklers. More technologically advanced models allow you to control your home’s ambient temperature through interfaces with your thermostat or cooling systems.

This allows certain appliances to switch on or off, such as slow cookers – useful especially if you have had a long day at work. Also, electrical outlets are there to ensure that you are able to keep certain outlets energized to improve home safety.


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